Venezuela Reaffirms Its Willingness to Dialogue With the US

Venezuela Reaffirms Its Willingness to Dialogue With the US

On Friday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Faria ratified that his country is willing to dialogue with the United States government to normalize bilateral relations.


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“President Nicolas Maduro constantly talks about dialogue and his willingness to talk with whoever is necessary to normalize the situation in our country,” he said.

“When the U.S. government delegations have arrived, the President has listened to them and offered very specific answers on matters related to energy supply”.

The Bolivarian diplomat also referred to the importance of reopening the land border between Venezuela and Colombia. “The 2,200-kilometre border will return to normal. Trade and migration between our peoples will circulate again,” he said.

The Trump State Department published a document boasting that destroying Venezuela’s economy was a «key outcome» of its sanctions regime.

The Biden State Dept is continuing the economic collective punishment.

Both are responsible for the migrant crisis.

— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal)
September 18, 2022

Regarding his participation in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Faria mentioned that he has held 46 meetings with representatives from various countries so far.

«President Maduro instructed us so that the Venezuelan message reaches others through the greatest number of meetings,» he said, explaining that one of his objectives is to denounce the consequences of unilateral sanctions on the situation of the Venezuelan people.

In these meetings, Faria also emphasized the importance of achieving peace in Ukraine because «we cannot allow this conflict to transcend its current borders.»

The Bolivarian minister indicated that the Venezuelan economy will grow 20 percent in 2022. This outcome will be possible thanks to the leadership of President Maduro and his team as well as to the creativity of Venezuelan workers.

Colombia and Venezuela sign a document to transfer the control of the company Monomeros to the Venezuelan government.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
September 20, 2022

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