Venezuela is a Reliable and Strategic Partner: Putin

Venezuela is a Reliable and Strategic Partner: Putin

On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia will strengthen bilateral cooperation with Venezuela, a country that the Kremlin considers «a reliable and strategic partner.»


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«Russia and Venezuela maintain close or fully coincident positions on the main issues on the international agenda,» Putin said during a ceremony in which he received credentials from ambassadors from 24 nations.

«We maintain an intense dialogue with President Nicolas Maduro… we intend to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation in all areas, especially in energy, industry, infrastructure, transport and pharmaceutical products.»

The Russian leader also rejected «the illegitimate sanctions imposed» against the Bolivarian nation, indicating that his administration supports «the efforts of the Venezuelan Government to stabilize the internal situation and protect national sovereignty.»

Putin: Process of DE-DOLLARIZATION is underway

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that the process of de-dollarization of the Russian economy is «inevitable.»

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September 13, 2022

Putin urged the new diplomatic representatives to work for the consolidation of relations between Russia and their countries as well as to ensure international stability and security.

“I hope that working in Russia will be interesting for you from a professional point of view and will allow you to better understand our country, our history, and our culture,” he told the ambassadors.

«You are working at a time when a radical transformation of the entire architecture of international relations has accelerated, when the development of a multipolar and more democratic and fair world order has entered its active phase,» Putin pointed out.

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