Thor Group Launches Mocasa Online P2P Investment Platform in Europe

TALINN, Estonia, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thor Group, a Singapore-based internet services provider, has officially launched Mocasa, a high-yield…

TALINN, Estonia, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thor Group, a Singapore-based internet services provider, has officially launched Mocasa, a high-yield online alternative investment platform. Operating out of Estonia, Mocasa connects European investors with thousands of opportunities in fast-developing markets – enabling them to gain high fixed interest rates plus bonuses by investing in these opportunities.

Mocasa - a Bridge to Asian Investment Opportunities

Using Mocasa, European investors can earn high annual return, plus up to 1 per cent in bonuses, by investing in listed alternative assets including consumer loans and commercial loans. In addition, the platform has announced it will open up further investment opportunities in corporate debt and private equity in the future.

«Credit markets and startup projects in Asia need capital and can provide excellent returns. Mocasa connects European investors with these exciting new investment opportunities while offering a low barrier to entry, high interest rate and 100% buyback guarantee,» said Robin Wong, VP of Thor Group.

European investors typically receive an annualized return between one and five per cent for low- to medium-risk asset categories. Investing in stocks may deliver a higher return during certain periods; however, the risks are much higher and the market movements can be extremely volatile. Mocasa is an ideal alternative for individuals and small companies looking to manage their cash and gain more passive income.

In addition to high yields and bonuses, Mocasa guarantees repayment through its cooperation partners. These cooperation partners also cover the costs of operating the platform, which means services are completely free of charge for investors. Fast and easy to start up, European investors can get up and running on the platform with as little as 10 EUR and exit at any time to gain accrued interest.

Mocasa is now offering 5000 EUR trial funds for new investors, with 100 per cent of interest generated belonging to the user. To get started, visit

About Thor Group

Mocasa is affiliated with Thor Group, a Singapore-based Internet services group. Thor Group’s product lines span four sectors: finance, online gaming, social network, and e-commerce. Thor Group yielded positive earnings from the fourth quarter of 2020 and has strong financial performance. Thor Group has received USD 100 million in investment from a number of established institutional investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Rakuten Ventures, JAFCO Asia and Gobi Partners. Learn more about Thor Group at:

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