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MIAMI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OpenExO Inc, a public benefit organization that is transforming the world for a better…

MIAMI, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OpenExO Inc, a public benefit organization that is transforming the world for a better future, has launched an ExO Solutions division to work with organizations including nonprofits, governments and all businesses to drive exponential transformation. Digital Transformation is top of mind for C-suites and boards but simply introducing new technology does not work. Organizations need to understand the exponential world that we are living in and leverage exponential attributes in order to successfully implement digital transformation.

Since publishing Exponential Organizations over 6 years ago the OpenExO global community has worked with multiple organizations implementing ExO with amazing results. We have organizations that have had a 70X return on the investment made and growth of revenue of 5 times even with COVID, plus other spectacular results. As OpenExO Community Member, David S. Rose, has stated «Organizations built for the 20th century are doomed to failure in the 21st».

ExO Solutions has been put together to augment the work that our community is doing and drive more transformation. Join us for our web event on the 14th of October, you can find it at We have solutions for a range of organizations and situations and highly recommend that C-Suite executives and Board members join. Salim Ismail, Author of Exponential Organizations and our Chairman, says, «Every organization in the world needs to understand exponential, not only the technologies but new business structures and models. This is why we are calling this the Decade of the ExO.»

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OpenExO is a global transformation ecosystem with more than 8,000 coaches, investors, consultants, and innovation specialists, helping organizations, institutions, and people unlock abundance using technology to change the world.

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