Minority children are the stars of a new children’s book

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — «As a teacher I have experienced first-hand the faces of isolation…

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — «As a teacher I have experienced first-hand the faces of isolation on students who feel disconnected to the lessons and reading materials in their classrooms.»

This statement explains Carolyn Furlow’s motive as co-author of the new children’s book «The Sandbox: A Story of Inclusion and Embracing Differences,» which she wrote with her daughter Amelia Furlow.

In a spirit of love and high regard for all children, Carolyn and Amelia Furlow have created a series of stories which speaks to all children and allows them to feel connected to the stories they read in classrooms and at home.

«The world is a visible melting pot of beautiful children across the globe. Our stories reflect their presence and fosters acceptance and respect for differences,» they explained.

Amelia Furlow is a Marriage and Family intern. Recognizing a need for more diverse stories to be told within Children’s Books, she collaborated with her mother, Carolyn Furlow, to create a series that highlight the similarities as well as the individuality of human beings.

Carolyn Furlow received a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing. «As a teacher, and mother of three and grandmother to one, I have discovered that children are more than likely to excel in their education when they read and identify with characters that look like them. The Sandbox is meant to celebrate the differences of all people,» she mentions.

The Foreword for the English version of The Sandbox was written by Michael Eric Dyson, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at Georgetown, University, and author of Tears We Cannot Stop, among other books.

«Concepts at the beginning of a life can carry through a person’s lifetime. That is why it is critical to address simple messages of kindness and respect on the onset of children’s development,» said Doctor Dyson.

The Foreword for the Spanish version of The Sandbox was written by the winner of two Emmy Awards, Ana Lilia Cruz Hollingsworth.

«Inclusion and respect for others should be a natural habit in our homes, and as parents we have an obligation to show our children the incredible richness of differences from their first years of life, and this book shares this beautiful message,» points Cruz.

The Sandbox is available in Print and Digital formats. Visit https://thesandboxmeetup.com/ for all the information.

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