In The Venn Zone Podcast Shares Ivy League Negotiation Strategies to Level the Business Playing Field

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Christine McKay, founder of Venn Negotiation, a negotiation strategy and skills organization aimed…

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Christine McKay, founder of Venn Negotiation, a negotiation strategy and skills organization aimed at leveling the business playing field, announced today that her new podcast, In The Venn Zone, has more than 1600 downloads in its first month as entrepreneurs, business executives, and sales gurus worldwide tune in to elevate their negotiation skills with ivy league strategies.

«Negotiation isn’t just for sales, and it isn’t about bullying tactics with one winner and one loser,» says McKay, host of In the Venn Zone. «Negotiation is part of every person’s everyday life, and the better we understand how to negotiate, and why we negotiate, the more confident each person will feel in every negotiation, from business, to car buying, to getting your children to do their chores. In truth, negotiation is about a relationship; and you cannot ‘win’ in a relationship.»

At age 19, McKay was living in the back of her car, and by 22 she was a mother of three living on welfare. Today, she has her master’s degree from Harvard University, and has negotiated in the board rooms of more than half of the Fortune 500. She says the toughest negotiations happen between our ears. Over her 25-year career, McKay has seen the fear, frustration, and anxiety smaller company executives feel when they buy from or sell to the giants, who seemingly have all the clout. She says those ill feelings are not necessary. With proper preparation, anyone can confidently negotiate anything and walk away happy with the results. McKay even used her skills to purchase two cars off a dealer lot for the price of one.

Venn Negotiation and In the Venn Zone each offer unique, yet practical, strategies that expose the insider secrets of negotiation. The podcast launched March 16, and has featured prominent guests such as Scott O’Neil, CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment, owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils; Hannah Zapletal, WildeWood Farm; LV Randolph, Cambridge Argillite, a business startup concierge; and Jillian Michaels, fitness guru, who then invited McKay to be a guest on her podcast, episode titled, Can You ‘Negotiate’ Your Best Life?

In the Venn Zone is available at Apple Podcasts or on Take the quiz to learn your personal negotiation style, then elevate your skills with VennMasters™ Level 1 to enhance strategies learned through the podcast.

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