China’s First Blockbuster Of The Year, The Eight Hundred, Opens Friday At Select Theaters In The U.S. And Canada

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CMC Pictures, under CMC Inc., will release The Eight Hundred, the acclaimed visionary…

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CMC Pictures, under CMC Inc., will release The Eight Hundred, the acclaimed visionary war epic by director Guan Hu (Mr. Six, My People, My Country), in over 90 North American theaters this Friday — one week following its massive $116.63 million debut in China. Major markets including New York and California will be added in the coming weeks pending cinema reopenings in those states. The first Chinese film to be shot entirely in the IMAX format, the $80 million production recreates the final days of 1937’s Battle of Shanghai and features a cast of thousands. For more information, visit CMC Pictures at


China’s first major theatrical release since local cinemas reopened in July, The Eight Hundred earned an astounding $116.63 million (which included $30 million from previews) this past weekend in its home territory. This despite local theater capacity limited to 50% due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Lauded by both audiences and critics, the film is the world’s first blockbuster since the beginning of the pandemic in March, which forced the mass closure of cinemas.

About the film

It’s October 26, 1937 and the Japanese Imperial Army has overpowered Chinese military forces during the Battle of Shanghai, a three-month engagement that has reduced parts of the city to rubble and demoralized a country. With China’s National Revolutionary Army in retreat, a group of draft dodgers and deserters are forced to join a battalion to protect their last remaining stronghold: the six-story Sihang Warehouse. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the unit, dubbed «The Eight Hundred Heroes,» refuses to surrender and successfully fends off an onslaught of punishing attacks. Their heroic acts of bravery against insurmountable odds begin to inspire their fellow countrymen, which helps to reignite the spirit of their nation.

About the production

One of the largest Chinese movies ever produced, The Eight Hundred sets a new benchmark for the country’s rapidly growing film industry. In development for over a decade, the film required four years to complete following a grueling eight month shooting schedule. To ensure historical accuracy and authenticity, full scale sets were meticulously constructed over the course of an entire year. These included the Sihang Warehouse, the Suzhou River and numerous buildings that made up the glamorous Shanghai International Settlement of 1937.

In addition to the award-winning Chinese cast and crew, leading Hollywood veterans were also recruited to help realize Guan Hu’s ambitious cinematic vision. These included Academy Award-nominated visual effects supervisor Tim Crosbie (X-Men: Days of Future Past), action director Glenn Boswell (The Thin Red Line) and composers Rupert Gregson-Williams (Hacksaw Ridge) and Andrew Kawczynski (Dunkirk).

«The Eight Hundred is ultimately about a nation and its people coming together during a time of unprecedented crisis,» said Guan Hu. «It’s a universal story that has a renewed relevance in these current times. I’m thrilled that CMC Pictures is bringing the film to North America’s audiences and sharing an inspiring moment in China’s history with the rest of the world.»  

«CMC Pictures is proud to offer North American audiences the chance to experience The Eight Hundred on the big screen,» said Julia Zhu, Director of International Distribution at CMC Pictures. «An epic in every sense of the word, the picture is a marvel of filmmaking and a testament to the power of the theatrical moviegoing experience, which CMC is committed to bringing back in full swing.»

About Guan Hu

A leading voice of China’s Sixth Generation directors, Guan Hu is celebrated for his bold style and passionate storytelling. A graduate of the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, Guan made his debut with the critically-acclaimed Dirt in 1994. His 2009 drama Cow was selected into the Horizon Section of the Venice International Film Festival and received seven Golden Horse Awards nominations. Guan’s 2015 crime drama Mr. Six was selected as the Venice Film Festival’s Closing Night Film and featured at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film also won Best Leading Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards. Last year, Guan directed a segment in the anthology drama My People, My Country.

About CMC Pictures 

CMC Pictures is the film platform of CMC Inc., and is engaged in development, production, marketing, promotions, domestic and international distribution of live-action and animation films. Our partners range from top local filmmakers to major Hollywood studios, and experienced producers and directors around the globe. We are committed to producing and distributing high-quality local and international films that meet the needs of both the Chinese and global markets. CMC Pictures has produced and/or distributed many commercially and critically successful films including The Meg, Red Amnesia, Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice, Fleet of Time, The Adventures, Wild City, Lost in White, and more. The company’s distribution and marketing network covers 281 cities in 103 countries on five continents. CMC Pictures has also successfully distributed more than 50 top Chinese films outside of China, including The Wandering Earth, Wolf Warrior 2, Ne Zha, and My People, My Country. CMC Pictures is one of the largest and the most influential film companies in China and the largest and leading overseas distribution platform for Chinese-language films in the world.

About CMC Inc. 

CMC Inc. is a leading media and entertainment conglomerate founded and led by Mr. Ruigang Li. Based out of the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, CMC Inc. is known for its prominent strengths in premium content across multiple genres, which include film, drama, variety show, game, financial media, documentary, short video, fashion & lifestyle, concert, theatre, live entertainment event, sports and music. The company is also known for its comprehensive scope of content-related businesses including cinema, theme park, urban recreational complex, and artist and sports agency.

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