Bolsonaro’s Speech at the United Nations Outrages Brazilians

Bolsonaro’s Speech at the United Nations Outrages Brazilians

At the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Jair Bolsonaro described a Brazil that «does not exist.» This was the phrase used by Brazilian outlets to refer to «the lies» told by the far-right politician who aspires to re-election on October 2.


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Dragged by the voters’ high rejection levels, «he addressed his supporters by describing a fictitious country and presenting himself as a speech freedom defender,» Brazilian journalist Sandra Cohen commented.

«He behaved like a candidate at the UN plenary session,» she added, noting that Bolsonaro lashed out at the Workers’ Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva without daring to mention his name.

The O Globo journalist also highlighted that Bolsonaro swore to have rooted out corruption in this South American country despite the fact that there are criminal proceedings and complaints about corruption against his family and his former ministers.

This satellite imagery of Amazon forest is quite shocking to say the least!@CFR_org @AgriCaptureCO2 @EP_Agriculture @Environment_Ke @EPA @EnvAm

— Jyoti Allur #SaveSoil (@AllurJyoti)
April 14, 2022

One of Bolsonaro’s most commented fallacies was the statement according to which 75 percent of the Amazon rainforest “remains intact,” which contradicts all the deforestation evidence recorded by international scientists.

“Two-thirds of all Brazilian territory remain with native vegetation, exactly as it was when Brazil was discovered in 1500,” the far-right President said unashamedly.

Bolsonaro also sought to convince that his administration has turned Brazil «into a global example» of political tolerance, economic growth, sustainable development, «a country that feeds the planet thanks to its agribusiness.

«So far, however, recurring voting intention polls contradict so much megalomania,» journalist Cohen pointed out.

#Brazil | Former president and labor leader Lula da Silva accuses president Bolsonaro of committing genocide in Brazil.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish)
March 26, 2021

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